Hole In One Competitions For Charities

Hole In One Competitions For Charities – A Guide

Offering hole in one prizes can turn an ordinary event into something unforgettable.  There is no better way to attract more golfers, generate more revenue and add extra fun and excitement to a charity golf day than by running a hole in one event

As the organiser of a charity golf day you can select a significant prize –  such as a car or a luxury holiday – and should a participant shoot a hole in one on a designated hole then they can win it.  Until 2012 it wasn’t possible to run hole in one competitions such as these as the ‘Royal & Ancient’s’ rules didn’t allow for amateur golfers to win a significant prizes in a competition without losing their amateur status.  Since 2012, however, things have changed and providing that the hole in one competition is run during a round of golf and is incidental to that round then big prizes can be won without fear of them losing their amateur status.

Charity Contributions Welcomed

You can reasonably ask participants in your hole in one competition to make a contribution towards your charity when registering.  This can make real financial sense for charities running hole in one events as the following example, which assumes a donation of £20 per player, shows:

Example of the Financials on a Hole In On Competition

Charity event with 74 participants

Hole in one hole of 170 yards with a prize of a £20,000 car

Ancillary Prizes on all other par 3s

Donation from participating players @£20 each

Insurance Premium

Profit for the charity

As an organiser of a charity hole in one competition it’s worth noting that:

  • Only participating players should make a donation in respect of entry to the competition in order to comply with the Policy the competition in order to comply with the Policy on Gambling within the rules of golf.
  • It would normally be considered appropriate for the insurance premium to be paid by a sponsor of the golf day, providing this is not likely to be considered contrary to the rules of golf or influence the integrity of the game.
  • On purchasing a UK Hole In One policy on-line you will be provided with a free pack giving guidance to the green staff in respect of setting up the hole for the designated distance, instructions for witnesses on the major prize hole on the major prize hole and information for the players in the event. The pack is available along with A4 signs for tees that can be downloaded and printed to make administering a charity hole in one golf day easier. All this safe in the knowledge that the insurance is backed by one of the UK’s leading insurers.

More information on Hole In One Competitions

Well we hope that gives you a clearer understanding as to how hole in one insurance works.  If you would like any specific help or advice regarding running a charity  hole in one competition or would like to discuss a policy then please call us on 0345 370 2844, contact us by clicking here or for a charity hole in one policy quotation please click here

Hole In One Competitions for Charities


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Premiums start from £99 (based on 30 players with a prize fund of £4,000 playing at 190 yds).

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Using a Hole in One competition to raise money for a charity

Offering hole in one prizes can turn an ordinary event into something unforgettable.

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