Hole In One Competition Instructions

Hole In One Competition Instructions

What instructions do I need to give out when running a Hole In One competition in the UK?  This is a question we get asked a lot at UK Hole In One, for while there’s plenty of articles on running hole in one competitions in the US and elsewhere, there’s very little about running hole in one competitions in the UK.  So to help all of you who are thinking of running a hole in one competition in the UK, here’s UK Hole In One’s hole in one competition instruction template.

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Welcome to the (insert your club name here) Hole In One Competition

Welcome!  Today we’ll be playing a full 18 hole round, but on the 6th we’ll be running our hole in one competition where you can win £5,000 should you shoot a hole in one.  This competition is open to all amateur players aged 18 and over, so apologies to any  juniors or professionals but you will not be able to enter.  In addition to our hole in one prize we’re also offering a number of ancillary prizes today on other par 3 holes, the details of which can be seen below:                                       

Hole Yards (Men) Yards (Women) Prize
1 148 125 Motocaddy Trolley
7 163 147 Titleist Iron Set
10 184 153 Titleist Woods Set
18 145 119 Bushnell Pro Rangefinder

Today’s Competition Rules

Even though we are running a hole in one competition today, the normal rules as laid down by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews will apply.  If you’re in any doubt about any aspect of these rules, please ask one of the competition officials and they’ll be happy to help.

Hole In One Competition Rules

When you make your attempt at the hole in one hole please make sure that one of the club’s competition officials is there to witness it.  Each player is entitled to one shot at the hole in one hole.  Practice shots are not permitted, though practice swings are fine.  Should you make a hole in one on the prize hole you must continue and complete the round in order to be eligible for the prize.

Ancillary Hole Competition Rules

When you make an attempt on an ancillary hole your fellow team members will make for acceptable witnesses.

Important Club Rule

Enjoy the competition!


Well we hope that gives you a clearer understanding as to what instructions you need to give competitors at your hole in one competition.  If you would like any more specific help or advice regarding running a hole in one competition or would like to discuss a policy then please call us on 0345 370 2844, contact us by clicking here or for a policy quotation please click here

Hole In One Compeition Instructions

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