Gender Neutral Hole In One Insurance

UK Hole In hole in one insurance policies have been designed to be gender neutral.  This means that our hole in one insurance  is rated on the number of players and the distance they are playing from for a stated hole in one prize.  The event organiser may wish for ladies and men to play from different teeing areas in accordance with the tradition of golf and the rules defined by ‘The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews’ in which case the premium will rated on the distance of the hole and the number of players at that distance regardless of gender.

Hole In One Policy Flexibility

There is no restriction on the distance between the men’s and ladies’ teeing areas providing that the hole in one hole plays at a minimum distance of 150 yards for men and 135 yards for women.  This enables our policy to be more flexible and sympathetic to the layout of many golf courses.

We hope this clarifies UK Hole In One’s position on gender neutrality, but if you’d like some clarification on our hole in one event insurance then please call us on 0345 370 2844 or contact us by clicking here.  If you’d like to get a quote for a policy then please click here.

Gender neutral hole in one insurance from UK Hole In

Gender neutral hole in one insurance

About our hole in one insurance

Premiums start
from £99!!

Premiums start from £99 (based on 30 players with a prize fund of £4,000 playing at 190 yds).

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Gender neutral insurance policy

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